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IMG_4836Folkdanslaget Värendsgillet is a folk dance group in Sweden, based in Växjö, a city in the southern part of Sweden. Our group belongs to the national folk dance association Svenska Folkdansringen. Look at our Slide show.

Our main activity is dancing. We dance traditional Swedish folk dances. Most dances are based on the steps of the waltz, schottische, polka, hambo and mazurka. We customize our dance shows for different events.

We always dance to live music. It is folk music in different forms.

Trips and visits
Contacts with other teams and groups both in Sweden and abroad are an important part of our activities.
Our group has had several exchanges with other groups, mainly in our country and in the Nordic countries. We have also made trips to several countries, for example France, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Wales, Spain, Poland, USA and China.

Handicraft is a part of the old rural culture, which we want to protect. We work with wood, silver and birch-bark, and we sew and weave. Often we sew our costumes ourselves.

Usually you wear a costume from the region where you were born. Växjö belongs to the region Värend. A special part of the woman costume of Värend is the belt, which has a royal monogram.

Outdoor activities
Sometimes we put our dance shoes on the shelf just to meet each other. Then we go on trips such as bike rides and hikes. Once a year we have a picnic at dawn to hear the first birdsong.

Look at Films and Pictures of us.

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